mercredi 7 mai 2014

Look 2 : Vintage feel (Project : 7 looks and one pair of jeans)

        Hey every one!!!

 So here is my second look with my high waist pants !!!!

I was inspired by the 50`s look when styling it.I got the corset from a local Hospice shop. I really like it because unlike usual corset it is not tight at all (it allows me to breath and to be comfortable!!!) The button closure is quite original as well   for a corset!!!
To give the outfit the 50`s feel I accessorized it with Cat eye sun glasses. Those glasses were the first ones I bought for 3 years now. As you might  have  noticed I  have a small head so for me to  find  the right   hat or glasses that won`t make me look like  a dragonfly is  quite difficult!   Those glasses were available at Mr Price (South African retail store) since may be February. But after lot of hesitation and after trying them at least 15 times I have finally bought them last week. I hope they do not look funny on me !!!

So hope you guys will enjoy the photos 

french version will come later
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