mercredi 6 août 2014

Circle skirt and cropped top

Hello there  !!! today I am going to talk to you about  the circle  skirt
 Hello!!!! Aujourd`hui je vais vous parler de la jupe corolle

Very popular in 1950`s, the circle skirt is for me one of the perfect fashion inventions. This piece can be worn for a casual or formal event and most important of all it suit every body type. No matter which  body type  you are,  circle skirt will always give you a tiny waist.

Très populaire dans les années 50, la jupe corolle est l`une des meilleurs invention en terme de mode . En effet, cette pièce peut se porter en  toutes occasions et elle convient a toutes types de morphologies. Et oui....  Peut importe votre silhouette , que vous portez du S , du M  , du L ou  du XL,  vous pourriez  toujours compter sur la jupe corolle pour  vous affinez   la taille .

As you have might noticed , I have a rectangular body type. My body is straight, my waistline my bust and hips are around the same size.   If you have the same body type , the  look that  I am presenting you today is a perfect example on how  to   make your body figure  look more feminine.
For this outfit I use a circle skirt  and  a  vertical striped cropped top to  to get the hourglass figure, the women  ideal  body  type!!! This  body shape  is technically define as the one where the measurement of  bust and the hip  are at least ten inches wider than the waist. 
As you can see on the pictures, the circle skirt accentuates my waist and makes my hips look larger. The spaces between the horizontal lines on the cropped top make my upper body, me shoulders look wider.

The look: Top Mr Price; skirt Mr Price; shoes Legit

Thanks guys for stopping by  :) !!!!
Merci de passer par ici :) !!!!