mardi 23 septembre 2014

Meze Fresh /Kigali/ Rwanda

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As you all know I spent my July Holiday in  Kigali (Rwanda). So today I am going to talk to you about a Burrito  Bar I have discovered when I was there:  Meze Fresh 

Meze Fresh is  mostly  a take out restaurant with a few tables that serves excellent burritos and Tacos. Beside the fact that they use really fresh ingredients  for the food what I like the  most  about this place is  the service they offer. It  is not a secret that service in the Rwanda`s food  industry is not that good. Once in another restaurant, I  had to wait one and half hour for a  plate of potato chips. For me, Mez Fresh picked the perfect concept, the restaurant is fast-casual, they take the highest quality ingredients and serve it in a fast-food style.

So if one day  you ever go to Rwanda do no hesitate to check this restaurant out!!

Mez Fresh  Burrito Bar address:

Ps: We are having our September break next week. I will leave for Cape town on Friday, I will post my next article from there !!!

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