mardi 28 octobre 2014

Fedora hat

Hello!!! hope you guys are doing good

I am excited  to present you a look with my Fedora  Hat today ! I have been looking for this hat  for months  in local shops, here in Klerksdorp  but  I could not access it. Two weeks ago, I tried my luck  on online store  and I finally found it (Yaaay). I am a traditional buyer type of person. Before I buy something I need to see it with my own eyes, touch it and try it on. But for this hat I had to make  an exception.

Today`s outfit is a Boho look : a  cocktail of vintage, casual, and 70`s hippie style. I personally love  the bohemian style, because it `s a mixture of  numerous cultural , historical  and ethnic  influences ( medieval period, Gypsy`s  philosophy and culture, Hippie `s culture  etc.) This style does not put you in a box. When creating a  Boho look you are limitless, according your taste and desire you are free to play with  the history , the cultural or the ethnic side of it.
Hat: Zando/ Playsuit : Mr Price /Shoes : legit / rings &necklace: Mr Price
Credit Photo: Nki Ratsawana

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Merci de passer par  ici :)