mardi 10 mars 2015

Fashion bloggers, then and ... now

Hello there  and welcome back to my blog

So today I decided to to make a post for my fellow  beginner bloggers.

This post is just to remind you that we all start somewhere. We improve our work with time and   by learning  from our  own mistakes.  I sometimes get  so frustrated at myself when I compare my blog pictures to other bloggers. For months, I was asking myself  this question :how do they do to get those perfect picture with the perfect lightning,  the perfect pose,  perfect spot  etc. ?

So this week-end I went through  the archives of some fashion blogs that I follow.  And felt so much better  after that   (lol). It reassured me ,  I understood that at some stage ,those  big fashion bloggers was also like  me.

I took the  following  fashion blogger`s picture  from  their  respective blog. The links to the blog are available below the pictures in case you guys want to check them out!
Pauline, from Pauline. Then (2009) and now(2015)

Kenza Zouiten, from Kenzas. Then (2009) and now (2015)

 Kavita Donkersley from Shewearsfashion. Then (2011) and now (2015)

Slanelle from Slanellestyle. Then (2008) and now (2015

Amee Song from Song of style, Then (2008) and  now (2015)

Willabelle Ong  from Pale division. Then (2012) and now (2015)

Aileen Belmonte frombrewing happiness.Then (2010) and now (2015)

Mary Mar from fashion lost, then (2013) and now (2015)

Thanks guys for stopping by :)