lundi 2 mars 2015

Hello from Abidjan!

 Hello everyone hope you are all doing well !
I  did not blog for 6 weeks and days ...  such a long time though.  I left  South Africa for good  in January.  The last 4 weeks I was in Antananarivo ( Madagascar).  Unfortunately,  I could not find  anyone to take picture of me there  so  I do not have look posts for you.  I bought lot of things from  different  local thrift markets thought . I  am thinking about making a post about  all the pretty stuff  I got there  for you.

On  week ago,  I arrived in  Abidjan,  Ivory Coast, my final destination and  my new  "home''.   I am excited for this new journey and happy  that I can share it with you !

Thank you for stopping by : )