Hello there !!!  welcome to my  fashion ,beauty and  life style  blog .... I am Ezrah,  a 20 and something years old girl from Madagascar ( the Island not the movie!!!) but living in Ivory Coast, 
I have huge love for my family , my friends, food and  thrift shops!!!
 One of my  favorite things in life is  Fashion.
Kala Kelly is a space where I share with you my personal style and other bits of my life.
  I hope that this blog will inspire you to develop your  very won  personal style!!! 

Wish you guys a nice visit!!!!!

Bonjour  et bienvenue sur mon blog, Je suis Ezrah ,  une grande pasionnee de mode.
Kala Kelly est   un espace  ou  je partage avec vous  mes decouvertes, mes reflexions sur la vie quotidienne, mes inspirations modes!!!  

 Bonne visite !!!!