mardi 22 juillet 2014

8 facts that make Kigali (the capital of Rwanda), a special city !!!!

Hello there !!!  My internship ended officially on Friday !!! it was quite  hectic but now that it`s finished I feel sad. First because , I met such a nice people at  Rwanda Clothing ( the company  where I did my internship)  and second  because   my return to  the cold South Africa is  not far anymore. Soon I will be back to my usual life in Klerksdorp.
The good thing is  I still  have some days here in Kigali . I will have the time to visit  this city, take pictures and share them with you !!!
I have been in Kigali for about 1 month now  and I am starting to enjoy living here.  This place is so calm and so different . Here is a list of  few facts that makes the capital of Rwanda  so special  according to me

1-Kigali is safe.  The first question my school principal asked me when i told her  that I was going to do my internship in Rwanda was : is it safe ????   Same thing,  back  in 2010  ( my first visit here ), when i told a friend of mine that I spent my  June Holiday in  Rwanda   she answered me : hash Rwanda !!! Where there is war!!!! It is clear that certain persons still see Rwanda the way it was 20 years ago. So if you are one of those people who still think that Rwanda is dangerous let me reassure you that this country is one of the safest African countries I have visited.
When i knew that i will have to leave the office only at 8 p.m. during my internship I panicked because in South Africa, I usually do not go outside of my house from 6 p.m. for safety purpose. So you can imagine how stressed I was the first day. But surprisingly everything went well.  People and soldiers were on the streets and alleys, most of shops were still open. Every night I reached home safe and  if you come from countries like South Africa or Madagascar you know how good it is to feel secure when you are women and you are walking alone when it `s dark!!!

2- Rwanda is one of the countries I know that prohibits plastic bag in its territory. Yes.... when you come here you have to make sure that you do not have   plastic bag in your luggage, because if they catch some of it in your luggage at the airport you will be in trouble.

3- Kigali is clean. When I say clean ... it really is !!!!
4- Here, people read the letter ''L'' , R and vice versa. Instead of saying "red bull", Rwandan says "Led BuRR "; the word "model " they pronounce  it "modeRR". It is quite weird at first but with time you will get use to hear it!!!

5- My favorite thing in Kigali is the Moto-taxi; it is fast and cheaper than a taxi. I have never been on a Motorbike before; my parents always prohibited us to ride it   for safety reason.  So you can guess how pleased I was when I was late for an appointment, and I did not have enough cash for a taxi: It was the perfect occasion to take one!  

6- Buses work until 11 p.m. How awesome is that???  

7-In the bus when you want to get off, you do not press on a button ... you just knock the window with a coins and the bus will stop at the next station!!!

8- Unlike other African countries, on the street you can still see lot of woman wearing their natural hair . You will be amazed on the different ways they style it!!!

One post won`t be enough to list everything that makes this place one of my favorite city , I just hope that with this article  you could  learn a bit  more  about Kigali !!!

Thanks guys for stopping by J!!!!!