vendredi 31 octobre 2014

By Donovan Roets Photography

Hello there  Hope you had a great week !
Hello , jespere que vous allez bien!

Today is just a quick post to share some of  Donovan Roets`s  amazing works with you. Donovan Roets is a  talented South African freelance  photographer based in Klerksdorp.

To see more of his work,  you can visit his web site   here !
  To   join his  face book page here !

                                                        Photo Credit : Donovan Roets Photography

Wish you guys a great week end !!!

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mardi 28 octobre 2014

Fedora hat

Hello!!! hope you guys are doing good

I am excited  to present you a look with my Fedora  Hat today ! I have been looking for this hat  for months  in local shops, here in Klerksdorp  but  I could not access it. Two weeks ago, I tried my luck  on online store  and I finally found it (Yaaay). I am a traditional buyer type of person. Before I buy something I need to see it with my own eyes, touch it and try it on. But for this hat I had to make  an exception.

Today`s outfit is a Boho look : a  cocktail of vintage, casual, and 70`s hippie style. I personally love  the bohemian style, because it `s a mixture of  numerous cultural , historical  and ethnic  influences ( medieval period, Gypsy`s  philosophy and culture, Hippie `s culture  etc.) This style does not put you in a box. When creating a  Boho look you are limitless, according your taste and desire you are free to play with  the history , the cultural or the ethnic side of it.
Hat: Zando/ Playsuit : Mr Price /Shoes : legit / rings &necklace: Mr Price
Credit Photo: Nki Ratsawana

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mardi 21 octobre 2014

Never say Never

Hello everyone  hope you had a great week end!
                               Hello,  j` espère  que vous avez passer un tres bon week end!!!!

When I saw this "sport chic " style  coming in.... I told myself I will never adopt this trend. Why? Simply because I am not personally a sport`s fan . In high school, gym class  was  a real torture. But once again fashion taught me a big lesson:  Never say never ... So Here I am today, presenting you  a sport inspired outfit.  

I think fashion is  a sort of  a  permanent  game.Whatever trends comes in,  you have to play  in order to stay in the game. But that does not mean that you have to follow every trend blindly. You have to make trends your own by adding your personal touch and it is  this  other  side  that makes  fashion so fun !!!!

Quand j'ai vu le style "sport chic "  venir , je me suis dit que jamais je ne suivrais cette tendance . La raison ? eh bien … je ne suis pas très fan de sport. Au lycée,  la classe de gym était pour moi une véritable  torture. Mais une fois encore, la mode m`a appris une leçon : Njamais dire jamais!

Ma tenue d'aujourd'hui a été donc inspirée par le sport.  La mode est une sorte de match permanent ! Qu'importent les nouvelles tendances, pour rester dans le jeu et bien… vous devez jouer. Mais cela ne veut pas dire que vous devez suivre toutes les tendances bêtement. Vous devez vous approprier les tendances en y ajoutant votre touche personnelle et c`est ce côté-là... qui rend la mode  si amusante!!!
    Top: Mr Price, High waist pants:trift shop, Shoes: Mr Price, Envelope bag: @mulbrey
Credit Photo: Nki Ratswana

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mercredi 15 octobre 2014

Cape town !!!

Hello there and welcome back to my blog!!!
This past two weeks was  quite hectic and I did not have a much  time for the blog ... I am really sorry   for that!
As I told  in my previous  post,    I  was Cape town   for the  September  break .  I could not really call it  a  break because  the all week , I was busy working on  a big school project. 

The following are  just few pictures that I took  when I was there!

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